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In design and
under construction:

Gilpin Street Porch
This beautiful original Victorian porch needs repairs and a refreshing new paint job. Where others would tear it down and rebuild something new, Designwise is doing the careful work of repairing and refreshing this one-of-a-kind porch, preserving the 135-year-old structure. Porches are an important part of the urban fabric of Denver's city streets. They help reduce crime by putting "eyes" on the street and offering a friendly place to relax and chat with neighbors on beautiful days. Designwise is working closely with the builder to ensure all the details are carried out correctly. 
in Denver, Colorado

Campuswide Accessibility Upgrades
Ramps, handrails, grab bars, and signage are all part of making buildings accessible to users. (In collaboration with Hall Architects of Colorado Springs.)
in Lamar, Colorado

Nursing Lab Renovation
Designwise is providing document production and coordination services for this proposed renovation in the Betz Building on the campus of Lamar Community College. (In collaboration with Hall Architects of Colorado Springs.)
in Lamar, Colorado

Feasibility Study
This young, growing family knew they needed more space but didn't know how or which way to expand their current 1950's era home. Designwise provided 3 options -- a minimal addition, a dream project, and one in between to help them realize the potential of their property. The middle option is the one they decided to move forward with which will add a new master suite, family room, and private home office.
in Golden, Colorado

Events Center at the
Colorado State Fair 
Designwise provided drafting services for upgrades to the Event Center building on the campus of the Colorado State Fair. (In collaboration with Hall Architects of Colorado Springs.)
in Pueblo, Colorado

Kitchen and Bath Finishes

Designwise is selecting the finishes for a renovation in North Hollywood. 
in Los Angeles, California

Custom Home
A new build on a golf course, the focus of this 2,400 sf home is on the connection to the landscape and attention to design. (In collaboration with Don Parker, Architect.)
in Cedaredge, Colorado

Kitchen Space Planning
Getting the right function, flow, and proportion for a kitchen adds incredible value to a home. We are knocking out a wall and adding a big island to this kitchen.

in Southern California

Plan Review
Designwise was hired to perform an architectural plan review for this custom luxury home at the Colorado Golf Club.

in Parker, CO

Addition and Renovation
The Whittier neighborhood of Denver is home to several brick homes built around 1900. I am excited to be the architect for the renovation of one of these homes.
We are going to build a new floating stair to an open master suite attic. Downstairs, we are planning a family room addition to the rear. We are also taking out the wall between the dining and kitchen and reconfiguring the kitchen space to add an island. We are also planning a two-car garage with attached work-from-home office space. 

in Denver, Colorado

Garage Conversion and Addition
This addition and renovation is for a 50+ year old home in the University Hills neighborhood of Denver. (In collaboration with Don Parker, Architect.)
in Denver, Colorado

Kitchen Renovation
My favorite projects are those that include existing conditions to work around, making the design that much more of a challenge. This kitchen renovation is in a 100+ year old home in the Whittier neighborhood of Denver.
in Denver, Colorado

Crawlspace Excavation and Basement Finish
One of the most unusual of project types, we are helping this family find some much-needed space. With a little bit of creativity, we created a design solution that not only maximizes space but is easy and quick to build. (In collaboration with Don Parker, Architect.)
in Aurora, Colorado

Addition to a Garage and Shop
Designwise is providing construction documents for a 2,700 square foot addition to a garage. The new building will be used for vehicle storage.  
in Unincorporated Jefferson County, Colorado

Agricultural Shed
Designwise is providing construction documents for a 3,200 square foot shed in the Littleton, Colorado area.
in Unincorporated Douglas County, Colorado

Open Plan for Existing Home
We prepared plans and details for knocking out a wall to update a tiny 1950's kitchen with a modern, open floor plan.
We love it when people let us crawl around in their attic and crawlspace and redesign the structure of their homes! (In collaboration with Don Parker, Architect.)
in Longmont, Colorado

Master Plan for 1950's Masonry Home
A new entry, new screen porch, new kitchen, and several other upgrades are planned to bring style and function to this home.
Designwise will design and draw all the upgrades of the home and put together the bidding documents that will serve in getting pricing, securing the permit, as well as for construction. (In collaboration with Don Parker, Architect.)
in Longmont, Colorado

Screen Porch Repair and Restoration
Designwise provided design and construction management services to repair and restore a backyard screen porch in downtown Denver, Colorado.
Along with design drawings, we provided construction material lists, detailed construction drawings, and assistance throughout construction.
The screen porch is an irresistible space, a bridge between the inside and outside, and a comfortable and relaxing outdoor room for this growing family to enjoy.
A screen porch is a perfect complement to every Colorado home!
in Denver, Colorado

Pole Barns
Pole barns are simple and efficient structures that provide storage and shop space for homeowners and business owners. Designwise works closely with an experienced contractor to design, permit, and build pole barns of any size, shape, and configuration.
in Broomfield, Colorado

4 Seasons Room
Designwise provided design and consulting services to the homeowner and contractor during the conversion of a screen porch to a heated, insulated 4 seasons room. We were able to identify the homeowner's goals for the project and provide a design that fulfilled those goals in harmony with the existing structure. The contractor says this is one of the best projects he has ever worked on and the homeowner is extremely impressed with the quality of the design!
in Lawton, Iowa

Condominium Documents
Designwise helped produce documents of the existing conditions of two condominium complexes. (In collaboration with Alden Architects of Madbury, New Hampshire.)
in Tuftonboro, New Hampshire

Energy Compliance Documents
Designwise provided energy code compliance in the form of a RESCheck report for an addition to a single-family residence in Durham, NH. REScheck is a simple energy calculation that is required by most jurisdictions in order to secure a building permit.
in Durham, New Hampshire

Accessory Dwelling Unit
Designwise helped produce documents for a backyard apartment over a two-car garage. The apartment is accessory to the main house and the site is located near Main Street in Longmont. (In collaboration with Don Parker, Architect.)
in Longmont, Colorado

Accessibility Upgrades at Lamar Community College
Designwise helped design and produce documents for renovating the Bowman Administration and Classroom building in order to make the building wheelchair accessible. The project included two new elevators and a ramp. Designwise coordinated the work of the engineering consultants and provided the technical working drawings for the project. (In collaboration with Hall Architects of Colorado Springs.)
in Lamar, Colorado

Renovation to Manufacturing Facility
The renovation includes a new storage mezzanine and work area.
in Boulder County, Colorado

Addition to 1895 Victorian home
Plans are being prepared for a one-story addition that includes a new bedroom, laundry room, new rear entry, powder room, and a second-story rooftop deck that will provide spectacular views to the mountains to the west.
in Denver, Colorado


"I was overwhelmed with all the decisions that needed to be made for what I thought was a simple project. Becky guided me through these decisions and gave the contractor clear direction on how to make it happen. Now I have a sunroom that everyone oohs and ahhs over."

                                      - Gayle P.

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