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With a Focus on Craft

"In a world where mass production and fleeting trends prevail, I value craftsmanship and quality. I am a guardian of architectural integrity and a keeper of timeless design. Applying craft means you've identified something worth putting time, energy, and passion into."

- Becky Palmquist Clausen, Architect and Interior Designer

Going the Extra Mile

Surpassing the standard requirements enhances the end product and adds substantial value. A higher level of service has a more favorable cost-to-benefit ratio than a lower level of service.

Quality over Mass Production

Architecture is an art form where each project is carefully crafted based on the context and requirements of the inhabitants. As an experienced and thoughtful architect, I offer meticulous attention to detail and provide innovative solutions to your design problems.

Buildings that Endure

Spaces worth creating are worth creating well, with natural lighting, and long-lasting, healthy materials. Well-crafted spaces are maintained better and last longer, increasing the value of your investment.

Integrated Whole

I offer a deep comprehensive approach to building design. I am a licensed, experienced architect with additional training in both interior and structural design. One professional encompassing all aspects of a building design creates a more comprehensive and holistic outcome. Both structural and interior design are much newer professions, slicing parts off one of the oldest professions, architecture.

Everyone knows in their heart the best interiors are architectural and the best structures are architectural as well. Still, the marketplace does a good job of confusing the public, telling them the architect is redundant.

Beyond Aesthetics

I believe that buildings should look good, serve their purpose effectively, and enhance the quality of life for occupants. A thoughtful design takes into account the surrounding environment, open areas, and the interplay of light and air within the structure. Everyone feels better when they are in a comfortable and well-designed space.

Cost Consciousness

There are many ways to affect cost in a construction project. Every line item on a builder's estimate affects every other line. It's common for builders to try to cut corners and compromise quality. Experienced clients know that a good architect can save their clients many times over the cost of the design fee.

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