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What sets Architects Apart?

Updated: Mar 14

Besides technical skills, what sets architects apart?

  1. Empathy for the end users. Architects seek to understand the needs, desires, and experiences of the users of the spaces they design. This ensures the spaces are functional and comfortable and will be cherished for many years to come.

  2. Intentionality. Every decision an architect makes is intentional. Intentionality ensures cohesiveness and harmony.

  3. Composition, scale, and hierarchy. These are fundamentals in architectural design and each plays a part in how we perceive and experience space.

  4. Attention to detail. Architects understand that the details can make or break a project. Not paying attention to these details leads to an unpolished look.

  5. Seek feedback and growth. We learn and grow from each project, always evolving our craft.

  6. Responsibility and accountability. Architects are responsible for the structures we design. We must understand the construction and procurement methods of the buildings we design and our designs must meet regulations and codes. Architects are bound by strict ethics codes written into the laws of the states that license us.

  7. Address real-world problems. Architects are trained to tackle practical problems like difficult sites, tight budgets, and ornery contractors.

  8. Collaboration. Architects are used to working with engineers, contractors, developers, interior designers, landscape designers, and city planners to name a few. Oftentimes it takes whole teams to bring projects to life and architects are the best organizers of these teams as our training and knowledge spans across the other disciplines.

  9. Consistency. Architects build a portfolio of work around a design philosophy. Like a golden thread, an architect's personal design philosophy is readily apparent in their body of work, offering predictability and security for those who hire them.

  10. Breadth and depth of knowledge in art and history. Knowledge of art and history makes for more meaningful and contextually appropriate designs.

  11. A structured approach. From pre-design to closeout, architects follow a structured approach which means no steps are missed and there is a pre-defined process for dealing with problems. This structured approach lessens the impact of any bumps in the road, giving you a smoother ride.

  12. Creativity. Architects are not just builders or drafters, they are storytellers and innovators. The imagination of architects creates the world we live in from the scale of a single restroom stall to a university master plan. Creativity is the most important human resource because without it we would forever repeat the same patterns, never growing or evolving. #hiringanarchitect #whatdoesanarchitectdo #knowledgeskillsandability #professionalpractice #practiceofarchitecture

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